Winter Salad

Salads aren’t usually associated with winter but have to be honest, this summer hasn’t exactly felt like salad weather! No idea what makes this a winter salad anyway!



The only reason I picked this recipe to try today is because I had some cooked beetroot that needed eating!! So beetroot, apple, celery and onion chopped..


That’s all mixed together with some good old salad cream! We did have that in the house often when I was young, my sisters favourite sandwich was cucumber and salad cream!

Anyway as expected the minute I added the salad cream and started mixing it turned a lovely bright pink!


I opted to use the walnuts..


So that’s it! A bright pink winter salad!


We were having steak and sweet potato chips with this salad on this side and was a great dinner! The salad is good, a nice combination of sharp and sweet and the walnuts add a good extra crunch! Overall it’s the best salad I’ve had this summer..

Would I make this again? Yes..


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