Crispy Noodles with Pork and Water Chesnuts

We do like a pork stir fry which this pretty much is, but not sure about the crispy noodles!!



On reading the ingredients it’s an awful lot of noodles and not very much pork!! I had a tenderloin of pork but 4oz worked out as about a third of it. I had also picked up a can of water chesnuts.


So I decided I was not making all those noodles, I opted for half of a 375g packet and even that seemed a lot..


Once the noodles had been cooked and drained I started on the pork..


Once the pork had been cooking for a couple of minutes I added all the veg and was regretting my pan choice!


While the pork and vegetables were cooking, which was way longer than the recipes suggests, I attempted to deep fry the noodles. I don’t have a frying basket so used 2 sieves! It was all a bit messy and fiddly as the wok was to wide and I had to keep turning the two sieves and then one of my sieves which has plastic handles started to melt!! After over 5 minutes I did have slighty crispy looking noodles..


Meanwhile I had mixed the cornflour, soy and some water..


…that’s added to the pork and veg and stirred through. I did manage to get the noodles out of the sieve but was not very nest like..


The pork and veg is piled on top..

It’s all a bit bland looking. I served this on the one plate and we all cut out bits of noodles which were really crispy in some bits but then still a bit soft in others. I’m glad I didn’t make a whole pound of noodles as that would’ve been way too much..


Well it’s not very exciting to look at but we were really hungry and polished the lot off. It definitely needs more pork! I also found the noodles a bit too greasy, I had let them drain for a few minutes after frying but still were a bit oily. I did quite like the crispy bits of noodles as it added some texture, but I think would be better if either all crispy or all just boiled as the mixture of wet oily noodles and crispy ones wasn’t the greatest! In saying that we did eat the lot!

Would I make this again? Possibly..



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