Savoury Nut Roll

This recipe comes from the diet and calorie count chapter, I’m not really on a diet but not sure this counts as a low calorie meal! I guess it’s low sugar, high complex carbs, protein and saturated fat, so if that’s the type of diet you’re on then this is one to try!!



I had a bag of mixed nuts so blitzed up 4oz of that..


Then added the parsley, onion and seasonings..


Then the cooked rice is added along with the egg and tomato sauce..


It’s all a bit wet so not easy to shape..


I had to use the tea towel to help shape into a sausage and then tied the ends..


This went into a big pot and I opted to have it simmering in some chicken stock, not sure if that will make much of a difference!


While that was simmering I made a basic tomato sauce; garlic, onion, tomatoes, stock herbs and seasoning. It was left to simmer for half an hour and then blended.

So after an hour and a half I removed the roll from the pan. I managed to actual unroll it quite successfully, but it just doesn’t look very appealing..


Looks a bit better with the tomato sauce poured over..


I think my husband and daughter are now used to coming to the dinner table and seeing something a little unusal! I expected a few remarks on this looking awful but was quite surprised when neither of them had any objections to this!!


I just served each of us with a slice of this with sauce poured over, it may not look like much but it’s really filling..


It’s packed with the rice and nuts and is actually quite nice! I do think the fact that the sauce is really good does help, I’m not sure how much I could’ve managed with no sauce! We all polished off this one and there’s plenty left for lunch tomorrow..

Would I make this again? Yes, would try adding a few more different herbs or veggies next time..


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