Chantille Sponge

I imagine this to be a really light sponge cake, I tried to search for other recipes but just kept finding recipes for chantilly cream sponges! The name conjours up a light fluffy delicate cake, but after reading the ingredients and seeing the flour to butter and sugar ratio I’m not so sure it will be that light…



First off I creamed the butter and sugar..


Then added the eggs and flour. It’s hard to say if it’s too dry at this stage, I thought it seemed ok so didn’t add any milk..


Then I added the almonds and walnuts..


I opted to use my multicoloured cherries, and 1 oz of Angelica actually works out as quite a lot! Think it’s going to be a colourful cake!


The cherries and Angelica are all added, and usually when making a cake with cherries I coat them in flour before gently stirring in to avoid sinkage. For this I just added them as they are, the cake mix feels quite thick so hoping they will stay mixed through ok and not all sink to the bottom..


After an hour and 15 minutes is a nice dark golden colour and fairly well risen..


I left it to cool slightly before trying. It’s certainly got quite a bit of a crust! Then inside it is a bit crumbly, I maybe should’ve added some milk!


Well I love the crust and all the walnuts and fruit have stayed well distributed which is good! Yes it’s not the light airy sponge I had imagined but it’s still really good and brilliant with a cup of tea! I love the cherries and Angelica through it and the walnuts add a nice crunch.

Would I make this again? Yes!


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