Eggs in Baked Potatoes

This is one of those random recipes that I do love about this book! Eggs feature a lot in some quite unusual ways…



I do really like a baked potato and it has to really super soft inside with a crispy skin. Usually for speed I microwave them first and then finish off in the oven to crisp up the skin. For this recipe it’s all done in the oven so does take a while. I was using my large Yorkshire pudding tin to cook them and first cut a circle in the top..


I think I had these in the oven for pretty much two hours..


The inside is scooped out and I did end up eating the crispy lid that had been cut out!


Then I mashed the insides with some butter, milk and seasoning and spooned some of that back in to each potato..


Then comes the unusual step of cracking an egg and pouring into each potato..


After about 15 minutes the egg was looking set..


I then quickly piped on the remaining potato, and perhaps could’ve made a slightly neater job!!


After only a few minutes under the grill the potato was browned and the egg had puffed up a bit more..


So this was dinner, an egg stuffed baked potato with a beetroot salad and Turkey escalope!


I tried really hard to get a decent photo of the inside but it was getting dark and I’m rubbish at good photos, but I do think it looks quite good inside!!


So how does it taste? It’s a good baked potato, lovely soft flesh and really crispy skin. The egg is very unusual but in a good way and I actually quite enjoyed it!

Would I make this again? Yes!


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