Apple Ginger Jam

The jam, jellies and marmalades chapter is another one I’ve maybe neglected a little and still have a good few to try! I made this last night to allow to cool for testing tonight. It may seem unusual to be making jam on a Tuesday night but just goes to show how easy it is!!



I had one cooking apple that weighed just under 1 pound so I quartered everything else. So first I chopped the apple..


I didn’t have any muslin so I had to just use a thinnish dish cloth for the peel and core..


The apple and water go into a pan with the tied up tea towel..


While that was simmering I chopped up the ginger. The recipe says preserved ginger, but I was using stem ginger in syrup. I used to hate stem ginger as a child! I loved ginger biscuits with dried ginger but really didn’t like stem ginger! Now I do love it!


It really didn’t take long for the apple to soften..


I didn’t need to really sieve or mash the apple, I just gave it a good beat! Next in went the chopped ginger and liquid from the jar, lemon and sugar..


That was left to simmer for about 20 minutes before it reached the right temperature, and by then it was very sticky and smelling good..


I left it to cool and I sterilised the empty ginger jar! I ended up with one jar and one ramekin of jam!


So tonight I made some wholemeal scones to try the jam on..


Well it is a very thick jam! I read back some jam making tips and it does say that some fruits reach setting point a few degrees lower than others plus I think cooking apples are quite rich in pectin that helps the jam to set. It’s not too thick and does spread on a scone nicely!


Well this is a good jam!! I do love the gingery flavour, it’s sweet and as all jams are but it’s also quite refreshing!! Perfect on a scone..

Would I make this again? Yes!


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