Chicken A La Kiev

I’ve had to take a break from cooking and pretty much most things while I was recovering from a rather painful ankle injury! Now I’m a bit more mobile I’m back in the kitchen! I had hoped to restart my blog with a bit more of an exciting recipe but hadn’t been as organised as usual when doing the food shopping! So chicken kievs for tea tonight it is!


First off I realised the parsley in my garden had vanished!! I think it was removed accidentally!! So I decided thyme would work just as well and that I have loads of!! So maybe am veering off the classic Kiev route using the thyme but I think the fact that there is no garlic in it anyway doesn’t make it a proper chicken Kiev! They did feature a lot in our house as kids and I did love them, especially the garlic butter. Every other recipe I found for this did have garlic in the butter as well which makes me think this isn’t going to bring back the fond memories of a chicken Kiev!

Anyway this is just butter and herbs..


I used some cling film to wrap the butter into a sausage shape and left to chill..


Then I flattened out the chicken breasts and topped each with half the butter..


The next deviation was intentional! It says to tie up with cotton before coating in egg and breadcrumbs, which I think seemed wrong! I know it does say later on to remove the cotton once cooked but I thought that would be a faff, so I decided to omit the cotton and keep my fingers crossed that they keep their shape!

I dipped each one in egg and then breadcrumbs..


Mine are maybe not very parcel shaped but I didn’t want to over handle in case they fell apart! I then decided on another deviation and opted to bake them instead. The idea of deep frying a whole chicken breast didn’t appeal to me, and I didn’t have enough oil anyway! So I put these in a hot oven for about 30 minutes. After then the breadcrumbs looked crispy and there had been minimal butter leakage..


I am thinking I was a bit stingy with the breadcrumbs but I was worried about over handling the chicken in case it fell apart..


So I guess the real test is what happens when I cut into it! As expected the herby butter all comes oozing out! The chicken looks nicely cooked and smells good..


Well the chicken is good, it’s lovely and moist which I think is due to the butter inside it, and even though it doesn’t look like a lot of breadcrumbs I think on eating it’s actually just right. The butter did all pretty much pour out but we used that like a bit of a sauce and is great, and I’ve heard that butter is actually good for you!! I do love thyme so actually quite glad I was forced to use that. I did really like this and don’t think I missed the garlic, and am also glad I didn’t deep fry them!

Would I make this again? Yes!!


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