Champagne Cocktail – Blog Anniverasy Treat!

It’s hard to believe that this is the second anniversary of my blog! I know I’ve not exactly been committed to it for the last few weeks but that’s not out of choice! So tonight I wanted to splash out a bit and treat ourselves to something a little extravagant, so champagne cocktails it is!


I have to say a special thanks to my parents and husband for helping me to embrace the slight extravagance of being desperate to make champagne cocktails on a Tuesday night! If it wasn’t for them there would’ve been no angostura and no champagne!!


I have a good few memories of long vodkas, both making and drinking them, but never used angostura bitters in the house. According to the bottle it’s a skilfully blended aromatic preparation of gentian in combination with a variety of vegetable colouring matter! The smell from the bottle really does remind me of the late-nineties!!

So the recipe says one sugar lump to four drops of angostura, so I assumed that was per glass? Is that a lot of sugar?? Was thinking the bitters and sugar would balance each other out!



Then I added the lemon juice..


Finally each glass is topped up with some champagne..


Then a thin slice of lemon is meant to be floated on top of each glass but my fancy special glasses are a bit narrow for that!


So this was our Tuesday night blog anniversary treat, and what a good treat it was! I loved the flavour from the angostura, it’s hard to describe but I think the next time I’m in a pub I’m going to order either a long vodka or a champagne cocktail! I thought the sugar lump would be way to sweet but combined with the angostura and lemon it actually works really well.

Would I make this again? Oh yes, I’ve decided this should become our new Saturday night pre dinner drink!!


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