Curried Rice

I do find some of the descriptions of food slighty amusing and some cooking methods and suggestions are a bit unusual, for example in this chapter it suggests cooking rice in orange juice for extra flavour!! Don’t really fancy that at all. So tonight I opted for this to have with some chicken..



I only had brown rice, so just assumed that would need longer cooking. I also only had sultanas and I opted to use almonds..


First the onion is cooked in the butter and then the rice is added..


The curry powder I have is mild so I decided to had a bit more, probably a whole teaspoon..


The stock was added, not sure why it specifically states it should be from a cube though! Then it’s left to simmer. So because I was using brown rice I had it simmering for almost 30 minutes and did have to add a little extra water as it had all been absorbed before the rice was soft enough. While that was simmering I browned some almonds..


They were mixed in with the rice..


So this was served with some pan fried chicken..


I’m getting used to having sultanas in curry style dishes from this book now and I do quite like it! The almonds add a nice crunch but I do think it needs much more curry powder and some fresh coriander would be good.

Would I make this again? Yes I probably would


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