Queen Cakes

Is a queen cake essentially a cupcake? I think generally cupcakes have a lot of icing, then there is fairy cakes which have slightly less icing so maybe a queen cake is the next level down with no icing at all. So think I’ve gone off recipe with this…



I was just going to make the basic queen cakes with the sultanas but my daughter got involved and insisted we make the chocolate chip variation!


Really quick to make and a good recipe to get the kids involved with. We had this mixed up in a matter is minutes then into the cases..


After 20 minutes they were golden and nicely risen..



So I suppose at this point the cakes should be done, but we had some chocolate ganache left over in the fridge from another cake and I was either going to end up eating it straight from the bowl or we had to use it to decorate these!!

We opted for the latter..


So would this now be considered a cupcake? Or does it not have enough icing for that? I’m thinking it’s no longer a queen cake and no idea if it’s a fairy but whatever the heck it is it does taste good and perfect with a cup of tea!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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