Curry Sauce

I’d opened a can of coconut milk last night and only used 1 tablespoon in the fish stuffed cabbage, so tonight I was using the rest to make this..



I only had a red Thai curry paste and decided to use a mango chutney for this and obviously was using coconut milk rather than stock..

The onions were browned in the butter for about ten minutes before they were turning golden. Next I added the paste, curry powder and regular plain flour, and the smell from all that frying together was good.


Next in went the garlic and coconut and once that was starting to simmer slightly I added the chutney and seasonings. It starts off at this point as quite a pale sauce..


…but after about 30 minutes its transformed into a dark, thick, sticky sauce that smells pretty damn good!!


I served this with some chicken thighs and rice and took another great looking picture….


It is a really thick sauce which is maybe edging towards slightly gelatinous and do perhaps think it didn’t really need the flour, but I don’t mind at all because it tastes so good! It was perfect with the chicken and the combinations of all the flavours from the chutney and pastes and powder is really really good.

Would I make this again? Yes, I think this will taste even better if eaten the next day!



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