Steamed Suet Pudding

This may seem like an odd thing to make on a Thursday night on one of the warmest days in the last few weeks but I just felt like it!


I had bought a load of suet last winter for mincemeat and ended up not making that much so have loads left. I do eat meat but I kind of don’t like to think too much about the origin of suet!!

Reading the basic recipe it does sound a bit boring, so I decided I was going to try one of the variations. I do have dates, lemons and apricots but opted for the jam version..


It does say red jam but no idea if it really does specifically have to be red so I decided to use some homemade rhubarb and ginger jam I made instead..

So all the dried ingredients are stirred together..


Then I mixed in the milk, I needed a touch extra to make it a dropping consistency but it does look very porridge like..


I put some jam in the greased dish..


Then spooned the pudding mixture on top..


After about an hour and 45 minutes it’s really well risen..


I turned it out into a plate and it came out of the dish no problem. So it’s now dark and obviously that’s not good in my kitchen for a decent photo…


The recipe says to serve with a syrup or jam sauce but I had no syrup and its topped with jam anyway so don’t really think it needs much more…

Considering it’s a steamed pudding, that I associated with heavy stodginess, it’s actually quite light and really soft. I also definitely don’t think a sauce is required, maybe at a push a bit of cream but just on its own is good enough for me!

Would I make this again? Yes, am going in for a second slice now…



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