I made these on Friday night after work, but have been having technical problems so only just posting this today! I was thinking I might start making cocktail Friday a regular thing but a lot of the recipes have some pretty unusual ingredients so may make it a monthly thing..



I’ve had a daiquiri once before, and think it was a strawberry one, but I didn’t actually realise it was rum! I do have a bottle of pretty cheap rum that I only really use for cooking so hoping it will be ok for this.


I’m assuming this recipe is just enough for one! I was making this for two so doubled up. I just smashed up some ice cubes and I don’t have a shaker so had to use a large jar..


I dipped each glass in lemon juice then sugar and then poured the mixture in each glass. I guess you can add more ice or less if desired..


Well this was a rather pleasant start to a Friday evening!! I was thinking it might be a bit strong but I think it’s pretty well balanced, the rum isn’t too strong and the lemon and sugar combination is great. I do love the sugary rim on the glass too!

Would I make these again? Yes!


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