Tahitian Salad

I thought this was another random sounding made up recipe but I did find some other references to similar ones on Google, some with pineapple and other were Tahitian fish salads which sound interesting. I made this for the three of us to have but for some reason I ended up eating all of it..



So not much to this recipe, simply a case of arranging some salad leaves and pineapple rings on a plate..


Then the cheese is divided between them and topped with chives..


Then finally some coconut over the top and that’s it. I just used dessicated coconut but maybe ideally it should be some fresh stuff.

Well I loved this! The cheese and pineapple combination is pretty good and then the chives and coconut topping may sound odd but I think it all works! I quite happily ate the lot!!

Am not too sure about the Caribbean salad though, surely bananas and cheese is just a bit too weird??

Would I make this again? Yes!


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