Rice Tart

This kind of sounds like an odd combination, but I like pastry and I like rice pudding so was hoping this recipe turned out ok…



This recipe apparently comes from Belgium..

I only have sherry and single cream for the pastry, also I’m assuming I’m meant to be using pudding rice!


The pastry was made up pretty quickly and then left in the fridge to rest. I used half the ingredients and ended up having enough to cover three mini tart tins..

I can never be sure when I should trim the pastry or not and then should the pastry really be baked a bit first to avoid any sogginess?? I opted to not trim as I think the last time I trimmed pre-baking it ended up shrinking right back!


The filling was easy enough to prepare, again I halved everything and even then it seemed like loads…


I poured the rice mix into the cases and didn’t want to fill them right to the top as I was assuming it would puff up a bit in the oven, so I ended up having a little left over..


After just under 40 minutes the filling had started to brown on top but wasn’t as puffed up as I expected..


I ended up having a bit of a drama getting them all out of the tins! I’m not sure if some filling seeped through or there was something about the pastry but they didn’t come out the tins as easily as I’d hoped..


I know for aesthetic reasons I should really trim the pastry after cooking but I just didn’t!! It’s not like it’s going to make it look much better!!

So I guess the main thing is how does it taste? Well initially I got really annoyed because I thought the hard bits were undercooked rice and thought they were inedible, then realised that was the almonds!! I did find them a bit odd!

The pastry was not a great success! The nice well cooked bits round the edge did taste good but was really soggy underneath. I do love rice pudding and that bit was nice, although the almonds are just a bit weird and almost made it unpleasant for me.

Overall this was a bit disappointing which is a shame!

Would I make this again? Doubt it, think I’ll stick to rice pudding and tarts separately!



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