Barbecued Lamb

I do quite like lamb, but find some cuts a bit too fatty! I’d picked up half a shoulder that was just over 2lb for this recipe.



The recipe says mushroom ketchup, which is not something I’ve ever seen to buy, but is a recipe from this book that I’ve tried before. I didn’t have any mushrooms or time to make it so decided to just use regular ketchup..

I tried to cut off as much of the fatty bits that I could see..


I mixed the garlic, and dry ingredients together and rubbed all over the lamb..


Then I mixed up the rest of the ingredients and poured all that over the lamb, which ended up with all the onions stuck on the lamb and all the liquid in the bottom of the tin..


The recipe is quite specific with its 27 minutes to the pound! I did work out how long I need per based on the size of this joint and was just about 90 minutes. I did baste it pretty frequently and the sauce did almost dry out so added a bit of water on more than one occasion.

After the full cooking time it was smelling pretty good..


I left it to rest for a few minutes before slicing..


The outside of the lamb is nice and sticky from the sauce, and the almost burnt oniony bits looked too good to waste..


This was a fab roast dinner! The lamb is really nicely cooked and nice and tender, and the edge bits with the sticky glaze on them are particularly good! It is a bit fatty in some places but I just cut them out. This was more than enough for the three of us and even plenty left over for lunch the next day!

Would I make this again? Yes..



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