Lamb Cutlets Sautes

We don’t normally have lamb as often as twice in one week but I’d stocked up on lamb at the butcher recently and it was this or beans on toast for tea..



So not very many ingredients involved in this, and was also thinking I hadn’t fried something in butter for a while!

I had actually bought a rack of lamb from the butcher and asked them to slice into cutlets for me..

So they went into a pan with rather a lot of butter..

Each one was turned over after a few minutes and then sprinkled with sugar..


Once the sugary sides of the lamb hit the buttery pan it all starts to get nice and sticky..


I do think this is perhaps a bit too much cooking for these, by the time both sides have had 3-4 minutes caramelising they’ve been cooking sometime. Have to admit though, they do look quite good..


So it says to serve with a cutlet frill, which I am assuming is the wee white thing that is sometimes served in the top of the bone! Unfortunately I am all out of them..


We just had these with some veg, and I don’t think I’ve seen my daughter so excited over a cut of meat! We all loved the caramelised cutlets, and although I was worried they’d been overcooked they were actually still quite soft.

There’s not much eating on one of these and we scoffed these in record time!

Would I make these again? Yes!


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