I fancied making something chocolatey for after dinner and this recipe caught my eye…



I’m always a little fearful of recipes that involve uncooked eggs! So I know that raw eggs feature in a chocolate mousse and I’ve eaten a good few of them over the years!!

I have a very very cheap rum in the cupboard that I use only for cooking, and I decided to third this recipe to just make a couple of portions..


Once the chocolate had been melted I added the egg yolk and the mixture did look a little grainy..


I think I perhaps overheated the chocolate, but think I was being paranoid about the raw egg!! Once the rum was added it did start to look smoother. Next I whisked up the egg white..


It took me ages to fold the egg white into the chocolate mix! The chocolate mixture was really quite thick and I didn’t want to over beat it so took a good 10 minutes to mix together and then spooned into cocktail glasses..


I left that to set for a while in the fridge and then spread on the cream..


…and then some chopped walnuts…


So this was our pudding! I think my daughter was miffed that I hadn’t made one for her, but she’s too young for rum!!

So I put the thought of raw eggs out of my mind and really really enjoyed this! The chocolate mousse style bit is wonderfully rich and has set to a really nice consistency. Then the cream and nuts in top and a lovely extra creaminess and a bit of texture. Overall this was a fab pud!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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