Curried Crab

This recipes involves more tinned fish and is pretty much the curry sauce recipe I made a few weeks ago with a tin of crab thrown in..



I’m getting used to having fruit in any curried recipes from this book now, and first off the onion and apple are fried in the butter. I didn’t have rice flour so just added regular plain flour and curry powder..


Then in goes the stock, paste, chutney, sultanas and lemon juice. I was using the only paste I have which is a red Thai paste and perhaps not the kind of paste this recipe intends! For the chutney I did just use mango chutney.


After about an hour the sauce is considerably darker and smells pretty good! In goes the crab and that’s heated through for a few minutes..


Served with some brown and rice and this was dinner..


As expected this is another relatively sweet sauce which you couldn’t really describe as spicy, more of just a gentle heat, which is nice and I suppose a good one for kids. My daughter struggles slightly with the concept of sultanas in her dinner, despite that she did enjoy this! We did finish it off but the tinned crab does all get a bit lost..

Would I make this again? Yes..


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