Copenhagen Cookies

I had bought a bag of coloured cherries earlier this year, I know this recipe says the green ones need to be preserved but I don’t actually know what the difference between a glace cherry and a preserved cherry is!



The cherry and almond quantity is very precise! Also there’s not much else too these ingredient wise..


The butter is rubbed into the flour and then all the other ingredients get mixed in..


I actually just used my hands to mix then knead gently and form in to a sausage shape..


I wrapped it up and left it in the fridge for a good few hours, and by the time I went to take it out if the fridge it was pretty solid! This made it easier to slice up into really thin cookies..


After 15 minutes in the oven they we looking nicely golden, some were maybe a little too dark, they were obviously the extra thin ones!


They are super soft when they come out of the oven so I left them for a few minutes on the tray before attempting to move to a cooling tray. I did break one so that had to be tested and was really good!

I left the rest to cool before sampling more! They do crisp up really nicely and are very buttery. The cherries are great and add a nice chewiness to them..


Even my daughter used to think she didn’t like glace cherries, but after eating these she says she’s changed her mind!! Overall these are a great cookie and it’s hard not to eat a few at a time!

Would I make these again? Yes!



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