Scotch Woodcock

This is a recipe I probably should’ve googled before starting this, rather than waiting until after I’ve made it!



I did find a few references to this recipe and they all say it’s a savoury consisting of creamy, softly scrambled egg served over toast that has been spread with anchovy paste! I have to say I was totally thrown by the egg bit and I had been convinced it should not be scrambled!!

Anyway I started by seiving the anchovies, and I had enough to spread over two small slices of toast..


Then I started with the egg and milk mix, and I tried to cook as slowly and as gently as possible because I was thinking it shouldn’t scramble!! I did eventually end up with a thick creamyish looking mix that did have a bit of a scrambled consistency..


That was spread only the toast then I cut it into triangles and topped with some leftover whole anchovies and paprika..


I served this as an appetiser before dinner, but it actually comes in a sub chapter of after dinner savouries!

Despite there being very little anchovy on each one it is very strong, it’s not like a strong fishyness but is very salty, which I quite like! I think I didn’t scramble the egg mix enough and should’ve had a thicker layer of that, but even in doing that I wonder if you would taste it over the strong anchovy!

I think the idea is just to have a small portion each, and although I did enjoy this I couldn’t manage more than 2 small bite size portions!

Would I make these again? Yes, but I’d cook the eggs a bit longer..



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