Poussins in a Basket

So I don’t actually have any baskets so I should really just call this recipe Poussins!!



Yet again I only bought the one poussin, when I think the idea is to have one per person! They are pretty small but am planning on having this with a few sides..


The recipe says to split it down the back and them trim off the legs and wings, but does it mean trim off and throw away or trim off and cook separately? Considering this was for the three of us I removed them and planned to cook them as well..


I think I managed to joint this quite successfully! So I brushed the poussin with some melted butter..


Then it was grilled for about 20 minutes or so, and I turned and brushed with more butter a few times..


Not only do I not have a basket but I also didn’t buy watercress and had to make do with spinach instead. I did opt to garnish with the onion but what I did was brush the onion rings with butter and grill them too! So this poussin in a basket has turned into poussin in a plate with spinach..

This is a nice simple recipe and not really much can go wrong, but not surprisingly there just isn’t enough! The meat is lovely and soft and do think that I should eat the skin because it’s been grilled with all that butter and am sure it tastes good but I just don’t fancy it!

Would I make this again? Yes!


4 thoughts on “Poussins in a Basket

  1. The poussin in a plate with spinach looks delicious. Please pass on that buttered and grill skin. I don’t mind, at all. Thanks for inspiring me because you’re still going strong!!!!

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