Marbled Pudding

Tonight I wanted to make some sort of chocolate pudding so picked this recipe..



As you can clearly see I opted to make one half of the mix pink like the recipe suggests! I was making this for a pair of 7-year-old girls, that’s why I opted for the pink!

The mix is made up quickly and easily then split into two; one half coloured pink and the other mix has the cocoa powder added..


These are then spooned into a bowl in alternate layers..


I covered the dish with tinfoil and put in my steamer and set for 2 hours. After about an hour and 40 minutes I removed the foil and it was well risen and felt pretty well cooked..


I was worried it wasn’t going to turn out of the dish but after a gently nudge with a spatula it came out just fine..


I think this is quite an advanced concept for this book, the whole marble cake thing was made quite popular recently with the whole zebra cake thing! I cut into this and the layers looked pretty good..


I did make a quick hot chocolate sauce to have this with and was very popular with my target audience! They both loved it and both had seconds!

I had to obviously try some and is pretty good! It’s actually quite light and just a nice hit of chocolate!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely!


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