Skate with Black Butter

Every time I’ve been near a fish monger recently I’ve been looking for skate but I never did see any, I then read somewhere that the skate population is in danger due to overfishing. I then saw some Ray wings in the fish monger which I’m told is very similar to skate so bought that to try..



I’d only bought one wing to try which weighed 350g, and it’s not the prettiest looking bit of fish..


There’s no advice on how long to simmer the fish in the salted water for, so I left it in for about 7 minutes and by then it did feel pretty soft and bits were starting to flake away..


I put the fish into a warm oven while I made the sauce. I halved the sauce ingredients and started by browning the butter..


Then I added the vinegar and capers and that all transformed into a frothy sauce..


I gave that a couple of minutes to bubble away and then poured over the fish..


The smell from the sauce is pretty good! The fish is lovely and soft and sort of pulls off the bone really easily. It’s quite a delicate flavour, the sauce is quite rich yet sharp from the vinegar and capers but I did love it with the fish.

Would I make this again? Yes, and wish I’d made more..


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