Plain Waffles

My lovely gran bought me a waffle maker for my birthday, so obviously had to try this recipe..



The waffle maker does come with a few recipes and all are pretty similar to this one. I wanted to keep it simple for my first waffle making attempts.

I mixed up all the dry ingredients then added the egg, butter and milk and then added the beaten egg white..


Above the actual recipe in the book is full instructions on making and serving waffles which pretty much say the same as the instructions that came with mine..


It’s just a bit difficult to figure out the correct amount of mixture to put into each section. I poured in I think 2 tablespoons and then had to add a bit more to fill it up..


They do start to cook instantly so had to work quickly! After a few minutes they were looking a bit unevenly cooked..


So I think I didn’t put enough mix in each section. I left them to cook for a few more minutes and they do look better when turned over..


The recipe suggest syrup or fruit but we opted for bacon and syrup..


These are crunchier than I expected, I guess that’s due to me not putting enough mix in the pan. They do taste good, not overly sweet and are perfect with the bacon and maple syrup. Next time I’ll definitely try with the mixed spice.

Mould I make these again? Yes!



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