Baked Alaska

This is a recipe that I’ve never tried before and always thought it was really tricky to pull off. I’ve also never eaten it before but I like cake, fruit, ice cream and meringue so fully expect to enjoy this if it turns out ok!



First I just made a basic Victoria sponge cake and didn’t bother to trim the cake as ice cream is getting piled on top anyway..


The recipe initially says a tin of fruit but can use fresh if preferred. I opted to use some fresh raspberries so crushed them into a sieve to release some juice. That juice was then poured over the cake..


So I assumed that the next part all needs to be done quite quickly, as soon as the ice cream is in the cake then the meringue needs to be ready to go straight on top, but I did read somewhere that you could assemble the whole thing and put in the freezer in stages, my freezer isn’t big enough so opted to work quickly!

I whisked up the eggs first and have to say I have varying success with meringues! It all seemed to be ok and was nice and stiff and glossy looking..


Next I spooned some ice cream into the cake, I was just using vanilla and didn’t want to put too much on..


Then the crushed raspberries went on top of that..


Next I used a spatula to spread the meringue all over the cake, I felt that my meringue had lost a bit of its shine while it had been left to sit, it had only been a matter of minutes but maybe I should’ve given it another brief whisk..


This then went into the oven at the highest setting and recipe says only 2-3 minutes which I thought was never enough time to brown the meringue, but after only 1 minute it had started to brown at the very edges and after 3 minutes it was looking nicely browned all over..


I sliced it up quickly before all the ice cream melted and on quick inspection I don’t think I put enough ice cream in it as I could hardly see any!


Well I loved this! The sponge is really good as it’s warm and the ice cream is melting into it, then the sharp raspberries are a good contrast with all the sweetness. The meringue is nice and light with a very slight crunch in places. Overall it was delicious! I had to have seconds!

I think it is one of those dishes that does need eaten that day, although as it cooled down later in the evening all the ice cream melted into the cake and we were left with a very moist sponge with raspberries and meringue which wasn’t a bad thing!

Would I make this again? Definitely and I’d be a bit braver next time and pile in some more ice cream..



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