Steak and Kidney Pudding

I’ve made few steamed sweet puddings but not yet ventured into a savoury steamed pud. This does need quite a bit of time in the steamer so definitely a weekend recipe..



First I made the suetcrust pastry which is another recipe from the book..


All the dry ingredients are combined..


Then some water is added and then kneaded lightly until it does eventually become smooth..


I used three quarters of the pastry to line the dish. So for the filling I ended up only buying 2 kidneys which weighed just under a quarter of a pound. I’m not a fan of kidneys really so didn’t want to put too many in so I upped the steak quantity! Have to say the kidneys were really cheap, only 19p for two!

So I coated the meat in the seasoned flour..


Then all that is added to the dish along with a chopped onion and some water..


Then I rolled out the remaining pastry for the lid, brushed with water and sealed onto the top..


I covered the dish with tinfoil and then put into the steamer for the full four hours, I did have to keep topping up with water to make sure it didn’t dry out.

So after the four hours it was feeling pretty firm to touch but hadn’t exactly risen that much, no idea if it’s meant to be considering its self raising flour I did expect a bit more expansion!

Anyway it look pretty well cooked after all that time..


I swithered over turning out of the dish into a plate or just serving from the dish, and ended up opting to serve from the dish to avoid any turning out disasters!

The pastry did come away really easily from the dish..


While this had been cooking I had made an onion gravy to have with it as I was worried it was going to be dry, well I shouldn’t have bothered! Even from that tiny amount of water out into the pudding enough moisture had been created..


So how did it taste? It was great! The meat is really tender and soft and I actually didn’t mind the few bits of kidney through it. The pastry is very soft which is to be expected after 4 hours of steaming! I had thought it would need some herbs or even wine or stock as the fluid rather than water but I don’t think that’s necessary, yes I might try that next time but as this is it’s pretty simple yet delicious, and I have it on good authority that it’s even better the next day!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely..



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