Coconut Tarts

I do love baked goods with coconut..



This recipe does come with a colour photo along with a few other bakes, but don’t know if it’s just the immature child in me but I think it’s a bit of a rude photo…


So first off I made the pastry which was easy enough, and I did actually leave in the fridge for a while before rolling out. I don’t have a patty tin but assumed a cupcake tin would work just as well..


I did only end up with the 12 rather than the 16-18 that the recipes says, so maybe I rolled it too thick or a patty tin is smaller.

Each one is filled with some jam..


Then I made the filling and put a couple of spoonfuls of that into each tart. It does look like scrambled egg at this point..


These then go into the oven for about 15 minutes before they turn a nice brown colour and look nothing like scrambled egg now..


These smell pretty good and was impossible to wait for them to cool before trying, I think my daughter had eaten 2 before they had manage to reach room temperature!


They are delicious warm, the pastry is just right and then the warm jam combined with the coconut spongy filling is great.

We did manage to leave a few to try cold and just as good!

Would I make these again? definitely!



6 thoughts on “Coconut Tarts

  1. Oooh – naughty! I doubt you listen to the Archers? They are doing “Calendar Girls” for Christmas Show this year in Ambridge!

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