Classic Mayonnaise

I’ve never actually tried to make mayonnaise before, always been happy enough with the stuff from a jar but am making an effort and having a go!



So have to admit that my first attempt at this was a complete disaster! It totally curdled and I followed the instructions to try save it totally didn’t work! So I had to start all over again!

First it’s one egg yolk with the mustard, salt, pepper and sugar..


Then it’s a lot of whisking and slow adding of the oil. I did have to add a few drops of vinegar every now and then when it did get too thick..


It started out quite a dark colour but after adding the vinegar it does start to lighten. I had measured out the full quarter of a pint of oil but I didn’t quite use the lot. It was hard to know when it was ready and if I should add all the oil or more oil, but I decided to stop when I felt I had the right consistency, then I added the last of the vinegar and it did lighten a bit more..


It’s not the bright white colour that you expect mayonnaise from a jar to look like, but I don’t think it looks too bad! Does have a nice shine to it!


We were having grilled tuna steak and asparagus for tea and this went all quite nicely with that!!


It is a nice thick mayonnaise and it does have quite a strong flavour from the mustard and vinegar which I enjoyed, it is maybe on the side of too salty but I quite like that!

Would I make this again? Yes, much prefer this to the bottled stuff and was worth the effort!


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