Roast Mock Duck

There’s no actual duck in this recipe and bit of an unusal recipe this one…



I went off to the butcher to get the flank steak which I was told is just a braising steak, so bought 1lb to make for the three of us.

I bashed the steaks out and lined a casserole pot with half of them..


Then I mixed up the herbs and only had purple basil!


When the recipe says 1 tbsp of green pepper I wasn’t sure if this is meant to be a chilli pepper or a regular large pepper. I had one green pepper in the fridge and rather than just use half a tablespoon of that I threw the whole thing in..


The stuffing mix was then spread over the steak in the casserole..


Then the rest of the bashed steak was placed on top..


Finally I poured over the stock, covered and put in the oven for about an hour and a half, and then another 30 minutes with the lid off.

After all that time and especially after the time with the lid off, the meat looks a little bit dried out..


Doesn’t really look anything like a duck so am still not seeing the relevance of the title! It does cut up really easily, despite the meat looking all dry on the top it just falls apart.

The steak underneath is much softer as you would expect!

I couldn’t decide what to have with this, and ended up just making some rice..


So it does all look a bit dry but on eating is actually moist in places! The stuffing and the meat on then bottom are lovely and soft and actually is pretty good combined with the drier meat on top. I have to admit I was disappointed when I took this out of the oven but yet again tastes way way better than it looks and the three of us ate the lot!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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