Fluffy Spoon Bread

I had bought a packet of cornbread mix to make the skillet custard corn bread and had half of that left to make this. I know I should really be using cornmeal but I couldn’t find that anywhere so was using this bread mix stuff, which is flavoured with cheese and peppers!



Firstly I had no idea how much a quart is in ml, I did search and ended up getting different results, I had to just pick one and went with 1 quart being 1136ml. I only had 4 oz of the cornbread mix left to started off heating up just under 600ml of milk.

Then I stirred in the cornbread mix..


It did thicken up really quickly and was always soft so wasn’t sure how long I should really cook it for. After only about 5 minutes or so I removed from the heat and added the butter then stirred in the eggs and transferred to a Pyrex dish..


After 50 minutes it was nicely risen and turned a dark brown..


I had no idea what to serve this with, the recipe does say to serve instead of bread but I had some left over chilli so we had it with that..


So I know that looks rubbish but it’s actually pretty good! It’s not as fluffy as the recipe title suggests but it’s a nice soft consistency and not too stodgy! I did think it was pretty good with the chilli and I also think it does not need any more butter!

Would I make this again? Maybe!


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