Red Tomato Chutney

I love a good chutney and have even got my 7 year old asking for chutney in her sandwiches!! This is a nice simple one..



I only had 1lb of tomatoes so had to quarter everything else..


Even measuring out a quarter of the mustard seeds, allspice and cayenne pepper seems like a decent amount..


The recipe says to put the mustard seeds and allspice in muslin, but I don’t have any so decided to just throw them in with the skinned tomatoes..


The tomatoes and spices are left to cook and do pretty quickly turn into a pulp, did not take as long as the recipes suggests. So then I added the sugar, salt and vinegar..


That was all left to simmer until it was thick with no liquid, which did take a bit longer. I think after about 30 minutes it was looking thick and dark and sticky, and the smell in th kitchen was fab!


By the time it had simmered down to a thick consistency, I really didn’t have much left! I only had enough to fill one ramekin!

I left it to cool for a while before trying. I tried it first with some cheese and crackers and was really good, it is quite a thick chutney that has to be spread on rather than drip down the edges! The flavour is great and I think I had nearly half of it in one sitting!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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