Banana Surprise with Jam Sauce

There’s a few slighty odd banana recipes in this book, weirdly bananas features a bit too often in some savoury dishes which is hard to get used to! Thankfully this is a sweet recipe..



So I think my husband and daughter are a bit wary when I suggest a banana recipe so I was making this just for me! So I quartered everything, and I have a Yorkshire pudding tin which I put in the oven to heat up with some butter in it.

Then I poured in the mixed up batter..


I sliced my banana rather than cut in half crosswise and then lengthwise, then dropped the pieces into the batter..


This went back into the hot oven, and rather than leave for 45 minutes like the recipe suggests, I kept a much closer eye on it. After 15 minutes it was looking really puffed up and starting to golden, so I left for about another 10 minutes, and by then was looking pretty impressive..


It came out of the tin very easily and smells so good!


I was going to make a jam sauce but the suggested recipe needs arrowroot which I don’t have, so I just heated up some jam and kind of drizzled over it..


So this was my pudding and I blooming loved it!! It’s basically a banana Yorkshire pudding with jam, but it really is great! I was wishing I’d made more even just for me!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it!


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