Apple Snowballs

I do love the name of this recipe, and think it’s the perfect sounding pudding for the colder months!



First thing I did was prepare the apples, and its not easy scooping out the cores! I don’t have an apple corer so had to chop them out! Then the apples went into the sugary water to simmer, although I took my eye off them for a bit and ended up boiling a bit too furiously! After only a matter of minutes they had started to disintegrate, and had actually fallen apart!

I had to use the jam to stick them back together!


I had used my homemade rhubarb and ginger jam for this.

So then I started with the meringue, and think I’m going wrong somewhere. It looked lovely and shiny when the egg whites had been whisked until stiff and then the sugar whisked in. Then it goes all grainy when I folded in the sugar. Was thinking I should’ve stopped after I’d whisked in the sugar. Anyway that was spread round the apples..



After just over 15 minutes they were a light golden brown..


Maybe a perhaps too brown? Anyway I managed to successfully lift them on to a plate and this was pudding..


This was great! The meringue is soft, but not too soft, and just the right level of sweetness. The apples are nice and soft and they are sharp but that combined with the jam and meringue is pretty great! Overall another fab recipe!

Would I make this again? Yes!


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