Beef and Mushroom Casserole

It’s definitely casserole weather, and this is my favourite kind of recipe, slow cooked all in the one pot…



Annoyingly the shop I was in didn’t have baby onions, and then when I got home I realised I had forgotten the carrots! So I just used 2 large onions sliced and then I used a whole turnip to replace the carrots.

Then I cut my meat into chunks before rereading the recipe and realising it says strips! Pretty sure that’s not essential!! So the meat was dipped in the seasoned flour and then fried and then into the casserole..


Then I fried the vegetables and perhaps my turnips were in slightly too big slices..


Once they were starting to brown I transferred to the casserole with the mushrooms. Then I cooked the flour in the pan, added the stock and then once it had been boiling for a few minutes it was poured into the casserole..


So after what ended up being nearly 3 hours it was looking pretty good to me!


The meat was almost falling apart, and the turnips had kept their shape mostly but were lovely and soft, so maybe it was a good thing I’d kept them as larger slices!

This was delicious! I’m not the biggest fan of turnip and don’t cook it much, but in this it was sooo good! It almost had a slight sweetness to it that was good. Overall this was well worth the wait!

Would I make this again? definitely..


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