Portuguese-Style Cutlets

I’d bought some lamb cutlets from the butcher to make this recipe, sounds easy and something different to do with lamb..



First I cooked the onion in butter and then added the tomatoes.


It says to leave the tomatoes and onions to cook slowly but after only about 10 minutes they had nearly dried out so I removed from the heat and had to force through the sieve to get any liquid.

I used what I did manage to sieve to make the rest of the sauce with the cornflour and stock..


I had all the onions and tomatoey bits left in the sieve and I ended up just eating them straight from the sieve!

Next I grilled the lamb cutlets for a few minutes on each side. The recipe says to arrange the cutlets and sauce around a green vegetable, I had some broccoli and baby sweetcorn so I arranged the cutlets around them and poured the sauce over..


So this was dinner for the three of us and am now regretting only getting 4 cutlets! They are nicely cooked, as is the veg but it’s the sauce that’s really good! It’s hard to describe but it’s meaty but with a tang from the vinegar!

I think we had the dish completely scraped clean!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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