Raised Pork Pie

I’ve never tried to make hot water pastry before and never attempted to shape a pie by hand so allowed myself plenty of time for this recipe..



The day before I cooked the pork in the stock for about an hour, I had bought 1lb of meat and so only used half the amount of stock. After the meat was feeling tender I drained off the liquid and at that point I really didn’t have much left. So I had to skip the next step of boiling the stock down even further.

Even thought the meat felt soft it was looking a bit dry. So I left that in the fridge and then the next day started the pastry.


So this was easy enough to mix up but I think the idea is to work quickly! I found it took a while to knead to get a smooth dough..


Then I was attempting to shape the pie by hand. It was easier than I expected and the dough does cool and start to stiffen up quite quickly which helped keep the shape. I do think I maybe left it a bit too thick but I was afraid it might all collapse!


Then I put the meat in the pastry case with some seasoning and herbs. Then I checked the liquid left from yesterday which didn’t have a layer of fat and wasn’t particularly jelly like, and actually there was hardly any of it. I did pour a couple of tablespoons over the meat before adding the lid.


I made a small hole in the top like the pastry recipe suggests and decorated with some leaves with the last wee bits of remaining pastry. Then I doubled wrapped it with greaseproof paper before going in the oven..


So after the full cooking time it was looking nicely browned ..


So according to the recipe it’s supposed to be left to cool the jellied sauce added, but we were having this for dinner, so instead I poured what little liquid I had left into the hot pie and then I didn’t leave it to set before cutting it!


It was looking a wee bit dry and the meat was falling out, which I’m guessing would’ve been avoided had I left to cool and added some gelatine to the liquid and left to set, but I was skipping all that!

We ended up having this with beans for tea!!


Well this was a pretty good pork pie! Yes it could do with some more liquid, or maybe the pork did not need all that initial cooking time, but despite that it’s really tasty.

The pastry is quite thick, but we didn’t mind that but I’ll try be a bit more brave and make it bigger and thinner next time!

Would I make this again? Yes!


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