I used to get my macaroons and macarons mixed up and then there’s the other kind of macaroon bar with the chocolate and coconut that also adds to the confusion! I’ve tried macarons once and wasn’t exactly successful, this recipe looks really easy and quick but I thought macaroons were meringue like biscuits with coconut and these are made with almonds!



This whole entire process was really quick, I started making these at 6pm and were out of the oven and tested by 6:50! The egg white is whisked until stiff and then the rest of the ingredients folded in, all mixed together in a matter of minutes!

I opted to pipe out the biscuits and the plain nozzle I have is under half an inch so I ended up with more than 10..


Each one was topped with half an almond..


Then they were brushed with egg white and then into the oven. After just about 20 minutes they were started to brown round the edges..


They turned out flatter than I expected, they have spread out quite a bit but I did think they’d still have a bit of height. Anyway I don’t care what shape they are because they taste blooming great! I love almonds and the extra essence in these is fab, they also have a lovely chewiness which is also great.

Would I make these again? Yes definitely!


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