Vinegar Cake

I’m a fan of salt sweet things but vinegar and cake seems very unusual!!



I had a cupboard full of dried fruit for all my Christmas baking so had plenty left to make this. It’s a weird recipe when you read the ingredients, obviously the vinegar is unusual but then there’s no egg. So am thinking there must be some sort of a scientific explanation for the vinegar!

I mixed all the dry ingredients together..


I do think some cinnamon and mixed spice would be good added at this stage. Then I mixed the bicarbonate with some of the milk and added that with the vinegar, I just used regular malt vinegar. I then needed to add way more than another 2 tbsps of milk in order to get a dropping consistency, and it is quite a sticky mixture..


That all went into a 7 inch tin..


….and then into the oven for just over an hour.

After all that time cooking it does smell great and has browned nicely..


It just hasn’t really risen very well..


I let it to cool for only a few minutes before trying, and still warm it is great! It’s quite a dense texture but I like that.

Once it cooled a bit it was slightly drier, maybe some more milk would avoid that happening. As a fruit cake it is good, on eating it I can’t taste any vinegar which is probably a good thing, and I guess it’s handy to have a cake recipe with no eggs.

Would I make this again? Yes


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