Fruit Cobbler

I had some stewed rhubarb in the freezer left over from the summer so decided to us that for this recipe..



The recipe doesn’t give a quantity for the fruit, and I didn’t weigh out what I had, but was enough to fill my Pyrex dish..


I didn’t think this was enough for 4 portions so I halved everything for the dough. I mixed all those ingredients together to make a soft dough then cut into little circles..


The recipe says to use a flutted cutter, I didn’t read that bit properly and had just cut them with the smooth side!! I didn’t want to mix up and cut again in case that would over work the dough so used them as they are to line the edges of the fruit..


I glazed them with a little milk before going into the oven..


After 15 minutes I didn’t think it looked ready, the cobbler bits were still a bit pale so I put back in for about another ten minutes and by then was looking good..


So I’m not sure how many this should serve but we polished the whole lot in one sitting between the 2 of us!! The fruit is great and the topping is perfect with it, browned on top but soft inside..


You could serve this with some cream or custard but it’s good enough on its own!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely!



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