Cheese and caramelised onion couronne

Made this to go with the watercress soup. Was so delicious! I don’t think I rolled it out quite thinly enough so it didn’t hold it’s shape during the second prove. This isn’t from the book, this is from a blog called The Crazy Kitchen, here’s the link, would highly recommend trying this



As it’s the weekend I’ve a bit more time to spend cooking. I really enjoy bread making so picked a bread product I’d never tried. It’s an enriched dough with a high egg and butter content. This recipe was for 24 brioches. I was going to half it but the full recipe asked for a quarter of an ounce of yeast and I could not measure half that! This recipe included 4 whole eggs and then another 4 egg yolks. To save waste I froze the extra 4 egg whites, pretty sure there are a few meringue based recipes in the book and I will need the egg whites for that..

The dough was pretty straightforward and was left to rise for a while. The recipe said it needed to rise till doubled, I left it for a good few hours and had more than doubled. It says to butter 24 muffin tins then make 24 balls and place in each tin and then top them with 24 smaller balls of the dough. They were baked at a really high temp for only ten minutes. They came out of the oven smelling brilliant, a rich buttery smell.

I had a helper with this, Kirsten helped shape and taste! They turned out well, dark golden and glistening. I think if I was to make again I’d pay more attention to shape.

Would I make again? Yes, would also try putting some chocolate inside before baking