Rich Vanilla Ice Cream

I’ve made ice cream a couple of times before but have always borrowed an ice cream maker! This was a first attempt without, am pretty sure ice cream makers weren’t commonly found in kitchens back in the 50’s and 60’s!



I didn’t actually make this today, I had made it a while ago and has been in the freezer, I had opted to try the chocolate version first.

I did end up cooking this really slowly for quite a while as I was paranoid about the egg scrambling. I know it’s being strained anyway. It doesn’t say when to add the melted chocolate so I waited and added once the custard mix had cooled and added it with the cream. I have to say I didn’t think it seemed like enough chocolate, and I do like my ice cream with decent chunks so next time I’d be adding some chopped chocolate!

I had thought ideally I should churn it myself as it started to freeze but it doesn’t say to do that so I poured it into a tray and just left until tonight!

It had frozen really well and I was able to spoon it out easily enough. Have to say it’s not the richest ice cream I’ve ever had, and it’s not the most chocolatey! It is nice and good to know it works without an ice cream maker or much effort really!

I do also wish I had made a sauce to pour over.

Would I make this again? Yes but more chocolate and would try infusing the milk at the first stage with some fresh mint from my garden


Caramelled Bananas

This is the first recipe from the cold puddings chapter that I’ve tried.


3 tbsps sugar
2 tbsps water
4 bananas

Make a caramel by dissolving the sugar in the water and heating until golden brown. Arrange the bananas in the top part of a chafing dish over hot water or on a deep enamel dish over a saucepan of hot water, then pour the caramel sauce over them. Cook slowly for about 10-15 minutes, basting them constantly with the caramel. Transfer the bananas to a dish and pour over the remainder of the sauce and serve with sponge fingers.

So one of the reasons I picked this recipe is because I have had an open packet of sponge fingers in my cupboard for months! Got to be honest I can think of better accompaniments for the bananas.

Making the caramel is really quick, just need to leave the sugar and water bubbling away, but once it starts to change colour it can over cook quickly so keep an eye on it! I have no idea what a chafing dish is, so I just put the bananas in a bowl over a pan of water. For some reason I sliced the bananas, the recipe doesn’t actually say to do that but I had assumed that was the right thing to do! So when they were in the bowl over the water I suddenly thought I’d messed up, the bananas were getting pretty soft quickly; at this point I had visions of a banana mush with a caramel sauce! However the sauce almost seemed to protect the banana, and it did retain its shape ok.

I attempted a bit of sugar crafting; didn’t quite look right! The presentation isn’t the best, I couldn’t figure out how best to serve this so ended up pretty much plonking on the plate with a bit of caramel on top! It was at this point I thought again I was meant to leave the banana whole, maybe that would’ve looked prettier.

Taste wise it is pretty good. The bananas are really soft and then have this sweet, sticky caramel coat which is pretty good. Really didn’t get the combination of the sponge fingers, I was just pleased to get them used up and out of the cupboard! It really did need something else; ice cream, cream or yoghurt would work well. I also think the caramelled bananas would work well as a topping on a baked cheesecake.

Would I make this again? Yes it was tasty, but would work on my presentation next time!!