I wanted to make vol-au-vents to have as an appetiser but when I read the actual vol-au-vent recipe it says to make one big one! I wanted to make small individual ones which is apparently a bouchee!!




I opted to make flaky pastry, which is apparently the most common of the flaked types of pastry. The chapter gives some good pastry tips which I perhaps should’ve read before making the pastry! It says to handle lightly and as little as possible, I think I over handled it during the rolling and adding of the fat!


I was also perhaps a bit heavy handed when rolling and cutting out the shapes..


Next I cut into each one with a smaller cutter..


They were brushed with egg and then into the oven. After 15 minutes I had expected them to be really well risen but I was a tad disappointed..


I’m thinking the two reasons for this are that I over handled the pastry and I think I rolled it out too thin. I then cut out the centres of each one and tried not to eat all the inner bits of pastry!


I opted to make a chicken and mushroom filling, then realised I had turkey instead! I fried the turkey and mushrooms and mixed into a thick white sauce. That was then piled into each case and then back into the oven for another 15 minutes..


We were having these with a glass of prosecco before dinner and are rather good. The pastry isn’t as light and flaky as it should be but still tastes good. The filling is good, nicely seasoned sauce helps hold that all together.

Would I make these again? Yes but I’ll be slightly less heavy handed with the pastry next time!!