The book

So my plan starts tomorrow, I am going to cook, bake or prepare one recipe from this book every day until I have had a go at every single recipe. There are over 500 pages, some with 8 recipes and some with only 1, so this may take me some time! I inherited this book from my grandmother some time ago and has been gathering dust on my book shelf since. What inspired me to open it was an episode of a cooking programme where the chef spent 24 hours creating crispy skin on a guinea fowl! This book has some fascinating recipes, some a little different to what we eat these days, it was first published in 1948 and I have a 1967 edition. It has sections on wine making, meats, appetisers, cooking with children, how to plan your kitchen and many more. One of the many things I like about the book is that the recipes are really simple. I find it really off-putting when a recipe has over 10 ingredients and the instructions are over a page long. Well this book does have some unusual ingredients; rennet which is the digestive juices of a calf and birds nest!!??, but the recipes are short, simple and super easy to follow. So I am going to create every dish, sauce, cake, chutney and even drink. I plan to post some recipes and photos and will document my taste experience and the opinions of my friends and family that I expect to share this journey with me!! All credit goes to Good Housekeeping for the recipes. I also make cakes, and those are my own creations!!