Steak a la Nelson

So steak tends to be quite a popular choice on Valentines day doesn’t it? So thought I try this recipe which is something different to do with rump steak, it comes from the recipes around the world chapter and is a dish from Poland


1 onion chopped
4 oz butter
1/4 lb mushrooms sliced
1/4 pint double cream
1/2 pint stock
4 pieces of rump steak about 6 oz each
1 oz flour
Salt and pepper
4 potatoes diced

Fry the chopped onion in half the butter for 5 minutes. Add the sliced mushrooms and pour in the cream and the stock. Dip the pieces of steak in the flour, season with salt and pepper and fry quickly on both sides in the rest of the butter. Place in the mushroom sauce and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the potatoes and cook for another 30 minutes

I had bought two steaks so halved the whole recipe, however the steaks I bought were huge! I didn’t weight them but pretty sure they were over 6 oz, oh well!

Steak, mushrooms, onions, potatoes and cream are all good together so was looking forward to this. It does seem like a lot of butter, and then adding the cream ups the calories even more. I was a bit worried about the sauce as it was simmering, it was looking like it had split slightly, but every time I gave it a stir it all mixed back together fine.

We didn’t have this with anything else, it’s kind of like a meal on its own. I suppose I should’ve served some sort of green veg but I’d didn’t! We did have a crusty roll to mop up all the sauce, as there was loads of it!

I know this another rubbish photo but this is yet another great recipe. I usually think the best way to cook steak is to simply cook on the gridle pan with maybe a sauce on the side, so wasn’t sure how this would turn out after an hour of simmering.

The sauce was really great, it had turned a really lovely brown colour and the flavour was good. The steak was really soft but what was strange about it was that it had a texture like liver! It’s really hard to describe, but I find that liver has a sort of dense texture and that’s what this steak had. It tasted like steak but the texture was different! I have to assume that’s due to the cooking method! Either way we both really enjoyed this!

Would I make this again? Yes I would although I wonder if a braising steak would be better if I cooked it for even longer?


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