Plum Jam

I didn’t actually make this today but wanted to leave to cool properly so saved trying this until breakfast today..


I had a punnet of plums that just weren’t ripening, even at room temperature. They were impossibly hard so rather than throw them out or leave them any longer I decided to try this jam. When I weighed them out I only had 8oz so had to divide the rest of the ingredients by 12! I know that seems so little but I think to end up with 10lb of jam is loads! I have so many jars of jams, marmalades and chutneys in my cupboard so was happy to be making this to end up with one jar.

I did try to crack a stone and remove the kernels but it nearly ended up in a finger amputation so decided to go the alternative option and cook with the stones in. After 30 minutes they were really soft and was able to fish out the stones easily enough.

I think the boiling with sugar stage only took about 15 minutes and was smelling pretty good throughout


I sterilised the jars by washing in hot soapy water and then drying in a low oven. As expected I only ended up with one jar..


I just love the colour of this, I know my jar looks a but messy but am not the most careful when pouring the jam in! I did try some of this warm and it was good but decided to leave and have on toast for breakfast

Apparently plum is a medium pectin fruit and this has set really well, and it’s blooming lovely!! I had this on some white toast and was fab. It’s not overly sweet and there are still a few wee lumps in it which I think are actually bits of the plum skin! It really is a great jam!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it!


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