Cabbage Leaves Stuffed With Fish

I’ve decided I need to try to be relatively healthy and try recipes that don’t involve deep frying or cooking things like sausages wrapped in cheese and ham! So tonight I opted to try this..



Apparently this recipe comes from South East Asia and ideally should be using banana leaves for this!

I had bought haddock for this and I forget to pick up fresh ginger so using ground, and I had angel hair chilli strands in the cupboard so used them for the dried red chilli..


Once the haddock has been rubbed with the turmeric and salt mix it almost looks like smoked haddock..


I had half a pound of fish so halved everything else, but when I went to chop up the onions it seemed like loads. So I chopped one onion and then sliced another two which are then all mixed with the remaining ingredients..


I couldn’t be bothered to cut the cabbage leaves into 6 inch squares and I don’t think I could’ve even made them that size out of the leaves I had anyway, so just left them whole..


I stuffed the leaves with the onion mix and the fish and then used a cocktail stick to hold them closed..


These went into the steamer for just a bit longer than the recipe suggests, only because I felt they were a pit jam packed in my steamer and needed a bit more time to make sure they were all cooked through. After about 25 minutes the fish was starting to flake and the cabbage leaves felt soft..


Like I said am trying to be healthy so had these with some baby carrots..


Well this is another surprisingly good recipe! The fish and onion mix inside the cabbage is delicious! I’d been worried about undercooking the onion and ending up with pretty much raw onion but I think I underestimate the power of steamed cooking, the onion was just right, not too soft and soggy and not too hard at all. The cabbage leaves were nicely cooked and the flavour from all the ingredients cooking inside them made it even tastier.

So overall another great dinner and clean plates all round!

Would I make this again? Yes, really good..



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