Ham Piggies

Sounds odd and looks a bit odd and is not something I’d ever think to do with a sausage but weirdly I was actually looking forward to this..



I’ve still not mastered the art of cutting photos and putting them together so have taken a photo of the full page!

So for this I was using some good quality chipolata sausages and I didn’t have French, only English mustard, and the chutney I have in the fridge is rhubarb chutney, interesting combinations going on!!

So spread some mustard and chutney onto the ham..


Then topped that with some cheese..


As the chipolatas are quite thin I decided to put two into each parcel..


Wrapped up and then they are ready for the oven..


After 30 minutes the ham was looked a tad browned round the edges and a lot of the stuff inside had started to ooze out..


So I know this looks terrible, but I’d challenge anyway to make this look appealing! I have to say the smell is quite good and my daughter walked into the kitchen just as I was pulling these out of the oven and she said they looked yummy!!


This couldn’t really be classed as high end cooking and probably won’t appeal to many (if anyone) but I actually quite liked this! The chutney and mustard are great and I’m glad I used decent sausages!!

Would I make this again? Possibly!



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