Strawberry Jam – 1

My daughter was taken out fruit picking and came home with loads of wonderful strawberries. We did eat a good few just as they are but with the remaining ones I decided to try this jam..



We used to go fruit picking quite often during the summer holidays and I remember spending hours picking strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. Then I remember my dad making brilliant jam. So now I’m making the jam while my daughter goes out to get the fruit!

The smell from these strawberries is just amazing, and they taste so much better than the ones from the supermarket!


The recipe book had a good bit of information at the start of this chapter on all the jam making things you will need. It gives advice on pans, spoons, sieves, jars and covers. I would love to buy nice new jars and pretty labels but am just making this for us and like to recycle so I used a variety of old jars!

The book also talks about the pectin, and how this is needed especially when making strawberry jam. These days you can buy jam sugar that has added pectin but I am assuming that wouldn’t be available back then. It talks about ways of adding pectin to help with setting and one way is to use lemon juice. There is a strawberry jam 2 recipe that uses citric acid. So I was just using regular sugar for this.

I also didn’t chop up the strawberries..


I quite like my jam with decent chunks in it! They did break down quite a lot and by the time I was adding the sugar there was loads of liquid.

I have a sugar thermometer so used that to make sure I reached the correct temperature, but you can do the test where you put a little jam on a cold plate and it should wrinkle as you push your finger through it. I reckon it was simmering for about 15-20 minutes before it reached the right temperature.


This was smelling amazing as it was simmering away! I sterilised my jars by washing in hot soapy water and then putting in a warm oven to dry. I tried to take a photo of the jam in the jars but they still have existing labels and are such a random selection of shapes and sizes that they don’t look great!

I obviously had to make scones to have this with, so I rustled up a batch of wholemeal scones. I did have to try this warm and it’s lovely! Once cooled it’s just as good. I’m a butter and jam girl, whereas my husband likes his scones just jam! Either way this was great! It’s just the perfect amount of sweetness and I love the soft chunkiness of it. It’s maybe not as set as it should be but perhaps some time in the fridge will help.

Would I make this again? Yes, fab jam!


12 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam – 1

  1. Looks great Jacqui – I’m hoping to try some jams this year (always made marmalade) – what temperature should I be looking for at setting point? I’ve got cupboards full of jars, can never bear to throw them out, just incase!

    • It says setting point is 221, my thermometer has a jam marking that looks to be at that temp! I know I have loads of jars and have a cupboard full of assortments of jams, chutneys and marmalades!!

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