Chicken Chasseur

I have a recipe for a quick chicken Chasseur that I’ve made several times over the years and has been a family favourite, so will be interesting to see how this compares..



Before I started this recipe I had to make the espagnole sauce, which I’ve never heard of and doesn’t feature in my usual Chasseur!


This sauce does take a bit of time to make but it was really worth the effort! It’s a delicious sauce! The only slightly annoying thing about it is the volume you end up with. I had made it with quarter of a pint of stock thinking I’d end up with a quarter of a pint at the end but only ended up with about 100ml, so I just topped up with water. As a sauce on its own it is good..


…and I’ll definitely make that again!

To start the Chasseur I fried the floured chicken joints, I was using breasts, in the butter and oil..


Once golden they were transferred to a casserole dish..


Then I fried the onions and mushrooms in the pan..


Then I added the espagnole sauce, tomatoes (had to end up using a tin), wine and seasoning..


This was poured over the chicken and then put into the oven for about 40-45 minutes..


I think I have a bit more sauce than I would’ve if I had used fresh tomatoes, and perhaps I shouldn’t have put the whole can of tomatoes in!

I served this with rice..


I’m glad I made too much sauce as it is pretty good and we all had to go back to the pot and pour on extra sauce! It’s really packed with flavour and the chicken is lovely and soft after being cooked in the sauce.

How does this compare to my usual Chasseur? It’s just as good I’d say, and I know there’s bacon in the sauce but I do like actual bits of bacon in my regular Chasseur so would add them to this next time.

Would I make this again? Yes..


4 thoughts on “Chicken Chasseur

  1. I love Chicken Chasseur, but this is a new version to me and it looks delicious. It’s great trying a new take on an old classic, or just a different take. Yummylicious Sammie.

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